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Novus Guard

Novus Guard is an all-in-one app for managing, monitoring and ensuring safety. It offers highly secure, highly reliable, and highly accessible solutions for variety of industries. With features like Lone Worker Protection, Workforce Management & Tracking, Fleet Management & Tracking, Geo-Fencing, and Geo-Tagging you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your business is operating in the safest way possible!

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Novus Guard is an innovative solution in the emerging category of lone worker protection. It provides not only an affordable solution but also a unique one that goes beyond any other lone worker protection system to ensure the safety and well-being of lone workers or individuals who face environmental and/or people challenges.


Cloud-based solution that helps organizations to optimize the management of their workforce and increase productivity. Using Novus Guard, managers can create and organize shifts to suit their business needs while employees can plan their schedules with ease. With NovusGuard, you'll be able to manage your workforce like never before.


Novus Guard provides a comprehensive solution to protect lone workers from assault, harassment, theft, and environmental threats. The Lone Worker Protection uses a combination of wearable devices and software to provide the most effective protection.

Lone Worker Management

Let your lone worker know that they are not left alone - they are being monitored and help is at hand should there be an emergency.

Lone Worker Tracking

Track the lone worker in real-time and you will know where to send help should there be an emergency.

Manual SoS

Staff can call for help at the tap of a button. Location and other relevant details are sent automatically.

Automatic SOS

You can always have peace of mind knowing that if anything goes wrong, SOS alerts will be sent automatically without user intervention.

Geo Tagging

Information reported by your staff are automatically geo-tagged so you know where exactly it happened.

Geo Fencing

Staff as well as Administrators are alerted when a Geo-Fence is breached.

Audio Listen–In

In the case of an emergency, administrators can discreetly listen-in to a staff member without his/her intervention, to better understand the situation and provide appropriate help.

Two Way Audio

In the case of an emergency, administrators can trigger a two-way communication without user intervention to better understand the situation and provide appropriate help.

SOS Alert

In the case of an emergency SOS alerts are raised along with location and othe relevant details.


In the case of an emerency, SOS signals are sent to Alarm Receiving Center.

Live Video Reporting

Lone worker can report live video about an incident to the administrator.

Wearable Bluetooth Device

Enhance safety of lone worker with wearable Bluetooth device which is equipped with button to raise SOS alarm.


Stay on top of your workforce with live tracking, automated scheduling, and alerts. Manage employee schedules, payroll, and HR needs. Workforce management made easy!

Workforce Management

Manage your workforce from anywhere anytime with powerful easy to use solution.

Workforce Tracking

Monitor your workforce with ease with this real-time tracking solution.

Job Scheduling

Search, review and assign suitable staff for emergency requirements with ease.

Job Alerts

Send automatic job alerts to staff to keep them up-to-date about their scheduled jobs.

Availability Management

Novus Guard App allows your workforce to record their availability to work.

Client Invoicing

Automatically generate invoices for your clients with full breakdown of shifts undertaken.


Automatically generate the payroll for your staff at your chosen cycle with ease.

human Resource

Manage your staff documents, training records and expiry/renewal dates.


Be it small are large, manage your fleet with this powerful yet easy-to-use solution. Track and playback trips. Monitor driver behaviour. Keep track of maintenance. Setup geo fences as per your requirements.

Fleet Management

Manage your fleet with this easy-to-use yet highly customisable solution.

Fleet Tracking

Track your fleet and know where they are in real-time.

Driver Identification

One-touch driver identification, to ensure the correct driver is driving the correct vehicle.

Vehicle Identification

Vehicles are identified with the use of easy-to-use ID tags.

Fleet Maintenance

Record vehicle checklists regularly and ensure road worthiness of your fleet.

Driver Behaviour

Monitor driver behavior to ensure safety and efficiency.

Trip SOS

Get notified instantly should there be an emergency.

Geo Fence

Setup geo fence and automatic alerts will be sent when breached.


Video is recorded in an emergency or during high level of infringment such as over speeding.

Over Speeding

The driver and administrators are automatically alerted when a driver is exceeding the speed limit.

Speed Camera Notification

Driver is automatically alerted about nearby speed camera (subject to availability)

Asset Tracking

Track your vehicle with hidden GPS tracker - so you know the location should it be stolen.

Real-Time Cloud Based Management Console​

Powerful. Customizable. Easy-to-use.

Manage and track lone workers, workforce or fleet with ease using this fully integrated cloud based management console from anywhere, anytime.

Generate reports and drill-down to details with just a few clicks.



Easy to use for both administrators and staff. Both the admin portal and associated mobile apps offer intuitive user experience.

Minimal upfront investment

Start with very little or no upfront investment at all. This is made possible by using recent cutting-edge technological advances.


Cloud based admin portal allows you to manage and monitor your workforce and fleet from anywhere anytime.


Powered by Google Cloud Platform, Novus Guard is easily scalable with your growing business.


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Local Authorities
Travel & Tourism

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We aim to create a better and connected experience using the latest technology combined with the capabilities of robotics.


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