Novus Guard

Novus Guard Pro

For Organisations

Lone Worker Protection, Workforce Management & Tracking, Fleet Management & Tracking

Novus Guard Solo

For Individuals

Send alarms in an emergency, Automatic alarms, Works without Internet as well.

Novus Guard Bid Jobs


Organisations can place bidding jobs and get offers from other organisations / subcontractors.

Novus Guard

Novus Guard is an all-in-one AI-based app and platform for managing, monitoring businesses, and ensuring safety. We offer highly secure, highly reliable, and highly accessible solutions which include Lone worker protectionPersonal Protection, Workforce managementFleet management & Fleet trackingJob BiddingGeo-FencingGeo Tagging, Automated Guard Patrol Systems, and Home Automation systems with IoT devices integration which allows our clients to monitor their home 24/7. Novus Guards’ automated guard patrol system uses advanced technological tools such as NFCQR-code, and Beacon. Due to our extraordinary services and features, our platform prevents foreboding crimes and helps our clients get a complete solution to their day-to-day security-related problems. All of our services are built in accordance with the world’s most rigorous and consistent quality standards while offering low-cost, high-performance protection



Cloud-based solution that helps organizations to optimize the management of their workforce and increase productivity. Using Novus Guard, managers can create and organize shifts to suit their business needs while employees can plan their schedules with ease. With NovusGuard, you'll be able to manage your workforce like never before.

Personal Safety

Novus Guard Solo (Personal safety app) is an all-in-one solution for Android and iOS users. It is a complete solution to all our personal safety needs in one place. It consists of all features that will help the user in any emergency situation. Due to its unique qualities, it works without Wi-Fi. We can make use of it even when we are traveling. Furthermore, it has all the necessary features including automated SOS, manual SOS, and much more.


Shabana Mahmood RMS Property Services

Peace of mind when working with the company. Highly recommended

Marina Garcia UNHCR

Overall UNHCR is extremely pleased with the service provided by the company

Alfie Ford Barking & East London Round Table

Overall this company provided excellent service. Their security guards were excellent at undertaking their duties. I can confidently recommend

A Shabbir Ross McKinley Accountants Ltd

Overall service was above expectation. Security guards' attitudes and approach to consumers were excellent. Definitely will use their services in the future.

Abdul Gaffar Tower Wine

The company provided us an excellent service. Their operative's timekeeping and appearance was excellent. I am happy to recommend them.

Jaled Larbi BSPS Ltd

Security guards' ability and effectiveness in undertaking their duties were excellent. I would not hesitate to recommend



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