Novus Guard

Lone Worker Protection

Novus Guard provides a comprehensive solution to protect lone workers from assault, harassment, theft, and environmental threats. The Lone Worker Protection uses a combination of wearable devices and software to provide the most effective protection.

Lone Worker Protection: How to Ensure the Security of Your Employees and What Are the Best Solutions?

Why should companies protect their lone workers, why are they more vulnerable to harm, and how can businesses make sure their lone workers are safe?

Lone worker is someone who works alone without any constant supervision therefore they are at high risk, according to the Health and Safety Executive, 441,000 lone workers in Great Britain suffered a non-fatal injury in 2020–21, while 142 lone workers were murdered at work, according to the Labor Force Survey. In addition, 688,000 workplace violence incidents were reported in 2019–20 (Crime Survey for England and Wales), and according to a British Crime Survey, 150 lone workers are attacked daily. Not only do lone workers confront social dangers like violence, abuse, and aggressiveness, but they also face environmental risks like working with machinery or at heights.

What is a lone worker protection app and what are the advantages of having Novus guard pro as your lone worker protection and lone worker management app?

Nowadays the usage of lone worker apps is increased significantly, as lone worker protection is a major concern of today’s businesses. Having a lone worker protection app allows the company to deal with all its employees’ security problems and ensure its workers are not alone in the dark lanes. With Novus guard, pro companies can track their employees’ health and safety 24/7. They will be able to see where they are at any given time, with whom they’re with, and what they are doing at any given time. If they don’t respond on time or if they need help during an emergency situation. Novus Guard Pro is the best app for lone worker protection and workforce management it includes a multitude of features like,

1. Lone worker management:

With this feature let your lone worker know that they are not left alone – they are being monitored and help is at hand should there be an emergency.

2. Lone worker tracking:

Track the lone worker in real-time and you will know where to send help should there be an emergency.

3. Manual SOS:

Staff can call for help at the tap of a button. Location and other relevant details are sent automatically.

4. Automated SOS:

You can always have peace of mind knowing that if anything goes wrong, SOS alerts will be sent automatically without user intervention.

5. Geo-fencing:

The staff as well as Administrators are alerted when a Geo-Fence is breached.

6. Geo-tagging:

Information reported by your staff is automatically geo-tagged so you know where exactly it happened.

7. Audio listen-in:

In the case of an emergency, administrators can discreetly listen in to a staff member without his/her intervention, to better understand the situation and provide appropriate help.

8. Two-way audio:

In the case of an emergency, administrators can trigger two-way communication without user intervention to better understand the situation and provide appropriate help.

9. SOS alert:

In the case of an emergency SOS alerts are raised along with location and other relevant details.

10. ARC:

In the case of an emergency, SOS signals are sent to Alarm Receiving Center.

11. Lone worker reporting:

Lone workers can report live videos about an incident to the administrator.

12. Wearable blue tooth device:

Enhance the safety of lone workers with a wearable Bluetooth device that is equipped with a button to raise the SOS alarm.

Since with Novus Guard Pro you have your employees’ health, safety, and security in your hands, it is clearly a great investment. It will give you peace of mind and help you manage your employees’ time, health and safety. It will enable you to make informed decisions that may prevent injuries or harm to your workers.

Make the best choice now and protect your lone workers with the Novus Guard-Pro application.