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What is a Guard Patrol System/Guard Tour System?

The Guard Patrol System is a helpful tool for tracking security guard activities. A guard tour monitoring system enables companies and organizations to coordinate, log and execute guard tours and patrols on their premises, preventing any potential slacking off and ensuring all guards are on duty. This system uses specific checkpoints, located at different areas of the site or remote areas, to allow the managing staff to identify the different locations and the portions of the respective territory. Through checkpoint scanning, sending SOS alerts, tracking events, and making reports available in real-time to either the managing staff or clients – guards are able to ensure that they are fulfilling their tasks within set time limits. Moreover, security personnel patrol various areas such as railways, buildings, or jails, providing an additional layer of protection while ensuring all systems are running properly or not.

A Unique Way of Patrol Monitoring

Novus Guard is one and only the best guard tour patrol system as it offers a multitude of features from the initial to the last stage. It is a complete system for managing & monitoring security guards.

Advanced way of Waypoints/Checkpoints Detection:

Novus Guard is an intelligent and advanced automated guard tour patrol surveillance system that is based on advanced technological tools such as NFC, QR-code, Beacon, also Manual, and Automatic waypoint detection.

Ensuring Authenticity of Waypoint Registration:

Novus Guard’s “Smart Guard Tour Patrol system” ensures the authenticity of waypoint registration, which can help prevent fraudulent behavior by security guards. Our guard patrol system offers a robust feature to capture each registered waypoint’s front and back pictures through a smartphone camera. This innovative feature confirms the registration of each waypoint and provides additional evidence to identify any unethical behavior by security guards.

Security Guard Tracking:

Whenever a guard begins a guard tour. The guard registers the location via advanced technological tools. Then, the location is tracked continuously until the guard returns to the base.

Independent Guard Patrols:

The guard can independently create patrols and schedule guard tours.

Live Incident Reporting:

If anything, suspicious is spotted, incidents can be reported with geo-tagged reporting features with camera footage, voice recordings, and videos.

Enhancing Guard Accountability and Performance :

Our state-of-the-art security system takes a proactive approach to missed checkpoints, accounting for external factors such as hazardous weather that may prevent guards from reaching designated areas. In such cases, our system generates an instant notification to the concerned guard, inquiring about the missed checkpoint and prompting an explanation. This feature is designed to promote guard accountability and to ensure that missed checkpoints are not left unaddressed, regardless of the underlying circumstances.

Furthermore, our advanced missed checkpoint scanning technology is designed to capture a comprehensive data log of missed checkpoints and the corresponding explanations provided by the guards. This valuable data helps us to identify any systemic issues and to take corrective action, ensuring that our security services maintain optimal performance and effectiveness.

Our system operates on a performance-based ranking system that takes into account the number of missed checkpoints. The more missed checkpoints, the more negative the impact on the guards’ performance ranking. This encourages guards to take their responsibilities seriously and to prioritize the safety and security of the premises they are entrusted to protect.

Ensuring the safety of security personnel:

Ensuring the safety of security personnel is essential for any security system. To enhance their safety, our security system includes several features such as an SOS button, which allows guards to call for immediate help in case of an emergency. Additionally, we have a high-risk indicator that is activated whenever the security personnel enter a territory where the risk is high. This feature enables our control room to keep a close eye on the patrolling territory and ensure that the guards are safe at all times. By implementing these features, we aim to provide a comprehensive security solution that prioritizes the safety of our personnel, while also maintaining the security of the premises.


Optimal Usage Scenarios for Novus Guard's "Guard Patrol Monitoring System"

Novus Guard has the perfect solution to help beef up your security efforts: our patented Guard Patrol System. It’s perfect for any type of business, large or small.

You may be thinking, “But I already have security cameras! I don’t need a Guard Patrol System.” While security cameras are a vital part of any security plan, they have their limitations, they can only monitor so much area at once. And secondly, they can only be used when someone is watching the footage.

To gain a better understanding of when to use Novus Guard’s ‘Smart Guard Patrol Monitoring System,’ let’s delve into a few scenarios.

Robbery At Shopping Mall:

In a Multi-storey Shopping Mall, a guard on duty found three strangers holding guns and stealing items from the store. Despite the guard turning on the lights in the basement, the robbers managed to escape with their stolen goods before anyone could arrive at the scene. This unfortunate incident could have been avoided if the guard was equipped with Novus Guard’s “Smart Guard Patrol monitoring system.”

Novus Guard’s “Guard Patrol monitoring system” allow guards to monitor their surroundings while patrolling designated areas in the mall. The system’s automatic waypoint geofencing feature registers guards for patrol when they enter a designated area. Additionally, guards can use reporting features to capture photos or voiceovers, providing the control room with valuable information to respond to the situation.

Had the guard on duty been equipped with the Novus Guard’s “Guard Patrol monitoring system,” the robbery could have been prevented. By immediately informing the control room about the situation, the control room could have dispatched help to the area, increasing the chances of capturing the robbers and recovering the stolen goods.

The Novus Guard’s “Guard Patrol monitoring system” is a valuable tool that enhances security measures and keeps guards and the public safe. It empowers guards to respond quickly to any emergency situation and provides the control room with valuable information to respond effectively. By implementing this system, shopping malls can create a safer environment for all stakeholders.


Preventing Security Threats With Novus Guard's “Guard Patrol Monitoring System":

As the CEO of a company, you understand the importance of security and safety for your employees and customers. You have a team of security guards and a manager to monitor the premises, but you cannot monitor everything yourself. That’s why you rely on your security team to keep things under control.

However, even the most diligent security team can miss things. For example, one of your guards noticed an open lock and window during their patrol but had no way to alert the control room manager. Instead of informing the manager, the guard continued the tour and only reported the incident once the tour was complete. Unfortunately, the manager had left early, and the incident went unreported.

This scenario could have been much more dangerous if someone was attempting to access the area for malicious purposes like robbery. That’s where Novus Guard’s “Smart Guard Patrol Monitoring System” comes in. The reporting features allow guards to capture images or record voice-overs of what they observe, informing the control room immediately. This system ensures that incidents are reported in real time, preventing dangerous situations from occurring.

By utilizing Novus Guard’s Guard Patrol Monitoring System, you’re providing your security team with the tools they need to keep your premises safe and secure. With features like automatic waypoints detection and geo-tagged reporting features, your guards are empowered to take action in any situation. As a result, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your business is protected, and your employees and customers are safe.

How does the Novus Guard " Guard Patrol System" surpass traditional guard tour systems?

Novus Guard’s Advanced Guard Tour System has overcome the limitations of conventional systems by incorporating multiple tag types, including NFC, Beacon, and QR code tags. This increased flexibility and redundancy in the system ensure accurate and effective tracking of guards, even in extreme conditions. The system also features automatic waypoint detection through geofencing technology, which registers checkpoints automatically when guards enter specific areas, preventing fraudulent activities and enhancing system efficiency. By integrating these innovative features, Novus Guard has created a highly efficient and reliable guard tour system that delivers comprehensive records of guard activities, ensuring complete peace of mind for clients regarding the security of their premises. In contrast to conventional guard tour systems, Novus Guard’s Guard Patrol System is cost-effective, easy to use, and incorporates advanced technological tools and automatic geofencing features. The checklist feature in the system accounts for missed checkpoints, making it an outstanding and exceptional guard tour patrol monitoring system. The system provides real-time tracking and monitoring of security personnel, reducing the risk of fraud or error. Furthermore, it is easier to use and maintain than older, less sophisticated systems, providing a more efficient and effective solution to traditional guard patrol systems. Overall, Novus Guard’s Guard Patrol System ensures optimal security for your premises.

Applications of Novus Guard “Guard Patrol System”:

Regarding fire prevention, theft protection, and security patrols for buildings and residential properties, Novus Guard’s Guard Tour system is the ideal solution. It is suitable for shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, buildings, factories, mines, petroleum, electricity, railways, telecommunications, public security, forestry, hospitals, schools, and other industries.