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Novus Guard Job Biding is a powerful, reliable, and easy-to-use software package/service that allows you to post a position for an organization or other subcontractor. This facilitates organizations to work where they do not wish to be. Therefore, it is a great way of retaining your clients when you have a heavy workload, as well as increasing your visibility to prospective new clients.

The Best Way To Win Big With Job Bidding

What is Job Bidding? And What is the Novus Guard Job Bidding Platform?

A bid is an offer to purchase an asset from a person or entity. Companies that compete for project contracts may also submit bids. When submitting a bid, a company must state both the price it is willing to pay for the item and the amount it is willing to purchase. Bidding on a job entails hiring employees or coordinating with subcontractors for a specific goal or objective.

Novus Guard Job Biding platform on the other hand is free of cost Job Bidding platform that allows users to post a position for an organization or other subcontractor. A company or employer adds a bid job for a specific purpose or contract.

Flow Chart shows Job Bidding Process
The flow chart shows Job Bidding Process applied to a construction company

What is the difference between Job Bidding & Job Posting?

In general, the difference between Job Bidding and Job Posting is that job posting refers to the process of publishing, posting, or promoting the open positions that the firm or organisation wishes to fill. Since virtually anyone is invited to apply for the position, the posting is effective for both internal and external recruitment. Job bidding, on the other hand, is mostly used for internal hiring, while it is also a quick and simple method for hiring externally for particular roles. Current employees are given the opportunity to compete with other employees-turned-applicants for the job opening that they have seen or read about in the job description.

job biding 2

What Makes Novus Guard’s Job Bidding the Best Method for Finding and Choosing the Best Recruits?

Certified subcontractors are a valuable resource for businesses in need of temporary staffing. These subcontractors are typically skilled professionals who have received formal training in their field and hold the necessary credentials and certifications. They can be hired on a temporary or project basis, this is when Novus Guard’s Job bidding Platform comes into play.

Now let’s delve into Novus Guard’s Job Bidding Method as one of the best external workforce hiring strategies.

When it comes to external hiring for an external workforce, it’s often seen as a daunting and time-consuming process. From posting jobs and sifting through documents, and making a final decision, the entire process can take weeks—or even months.

What if there was an easier way to hire an external workforce?? A way that was fast, efficient, and didn’t involve any of the red tapes?

Thanks to job bidding platforms like Novus Guards, this is now a reality

Novus Guard Job Bidding Method can be used for external workforce hiring as a quick method of Job Auctioning. The method will be particularly useful for those companies that often hire in the short term, or are looking for multiple people at a time. This means less time wasted on recruitment, and more time spent on actually getting the work done. As there is a rapidly changing labor market, this method is perfect for adjusting to fluctuations in supply and demand. For example, let’s say that an industrial company wants to recruit a worker through job bidding; they will be able to accomplish this goal in a fast and simple fashion through Novus Guard. External workforce hiring is done by assigning jobs to any external organization, or individual or simply posting for the public to accommodate the pool of participants in the auction process. There are various advantages of using the Novus Guard’s Job Bidding platform which are enlisted below

• Cost-effective strategy

When compared to conventional methods of Job postings and other Job bidding platforms, the Novus Guard’s job bidding process can be less expensive. Because the position information will only need to be publicized organizationally rather than using costly digital advertising and broadcast media to reach an external audience, the Novus Guard job bidding platform eliminates the need to spend additional funds on advertising. Job bidding also lowers the costs of training for new employees because it hires someone who is already an employee and will not require as much training as someone new to the organization.

• Quicker Hiring Process

The Novus Guard Job Bidding hiring process is very short because an organization is looking for urgent hiring in order to engage with an external workforce for an open position through job bidding. Because bid participants are already qualified, hence, therefore, bid managers no longer have to sort hundreds of documents to determine who is and who isn’t qualified. As a result of previous performance evaluations, the organization already has information.

• AI-enabled System

Our AI-enabled system searches based on information and needs for just a job seeker and an employer. It also identifies new and existing projects and automates the bidding process in job auctions. This is accomplished by considering the winning offer bid and then automatically place your bid according to the configuration in order to have a lead in the bidding process and to ease up the bidding process with the help of a proper algorithm created by our team that assists our customers in finding the best results matching their provided description.

•One on One conversation between both parties

Through the Novus Guard Job Bidding platform, both parties can indulge in one-on-one conversation from the first day.

• Help Your Business Reach Global Markets

Through the Novus Guard Job Bidding platform companies, individuals, contractors, and subcontractors can work at a place where they cannot go to work, this means they can sell their services anywhere in the world. The Novus Guard Job Bidding platform has been designed to enable businesses to reach out to potential clients all around the globe. The platform takes care of all the necessary paperwork and documents required for the deal.

• Creating accurate pricing and quoting bid Jobs

The Novus Guard bidding platform is an excellent tool for creating accurate pricing and quoting job bids. The system can be used in any currency without any hassle, which means that they can save more time by eliminating unnecessary conversions. There is no restriction to how many bids Bid Manager can submit, regardless of how many workers they need and how much money they want to spend on bidding jobs.

• Free of Cost

Novus Guard Job Bidding Platform is free of cost, the process is like once a deal is done or an agreement is signed between both parties only one party pays the platform fee which is just 5 percent of the agreement. Everything else is completely free.

• Highly Accessible

Anyone affiliated with the same organization that has been granted permission by the company’s main admin is able to access Novus Guard Job Bidding platform as a bidder or bid manager.

• Safe & Secure Job Bidding Platform :

The Novus Guard job bidding platform helps subcontractors and general contractors make deals. This is a secure platform, where subcontractors and general contractors can be sure that they will get paid. Also, if anything goes wrong with the deal, the platform can help fix it.

• Avail other services if any package is subscribed:

Novus Guard’s Gold, Silver, and Platinum packages allow us to provide you with additional services that make our platform the most comprehensive solution for jobs from creating bid jobs to managing and protecting lone workers.

• Filling short term staffing requirements

Novus Guard Job Bidding can be a useful resource for businesses short term staffing requirement through accredited subcontractors which can be a useful resource for businesses that need to fill short-term staffing requirements. These subcontractors are typically skilled professionals who have been formally trained in their field and have the necessary credentials and certifications to perform their work. They can be hired on a temporary or project-based basis, allowing businesses to flexibly meet their staffing needs without committing to a full-time hire.

How To Get Started With Novus Guard Job Bidding Platform ?

Get Started with Novus Guard Job Bidding platform in Just 3 simple steps 


Sign Up Novus Guard Page

Sign Up

The first step for getting started with Novus Guard’s job bidding platform is to sign up for free at Novus Guard Bid jobs.


Sign in to Web App
Create Bid Job
The second step is to create a bid Job or to participate as a bidder. To create a Bid Job, go to Control Room>>Jobs>>Create Bidding Jobs. Then add all the details which include Clients, Site, Time zone, Job Type, Officer type, Job Starting, Job ending time, Job Ending date, Rates Description, and Minimum Bid Rate. A 5% of the bid value will serve as a platform fee of Novus Guard, and if the amount is less than 0.5 GBP of the bid value then 0.5 GBP will be set as a platform fee for the bid


Receiving Bid Offers
Once your post is up and running, you'll be able to start receiving bid offers. After that, you can contact the participants of the auctioned jobs. This will give you more options to choose from; when it comes time to select the best contractor or subcontractor for your project. Once you've chosen your preferred bidder, now it is simply a matter of communicating with them about further details. After, a one-on-one conversation between both parties now it is time to sign an agreement.