Novus Guard


Novus Guard Solo (Personal safety app)  is an all-in-one solution for Android and iOS users. It is a complete solution to all our personal safety needs in one place. It consists of all features that will help the user in any emergency situation. Due to its unique qualities, it works without Wi-Fi. We can make use of it even when we are traveling. Furthermore, it has all the necessary features including automated SOS, manual SOS, and much more.

The Ultimate Guide to Personal Safety and Home Intelligence Systems

As unemployment is increasing day by day, the crime rate is also increasing tremendously one of the reasons is the Covid-19 pandemic. Every day we or someone we love will potentially be in a dangerous situation. With the current state of the world, we are faced with threats most of us would have never imagined. 

1) Why do we need to care about our personal security?

There are many ways in which we can be exposed to danger while traveling. Things that can potentially put our safety at risk (for example, a run-in with a mugging situation or a suspicious action) include: sudden, unexpected situations; being alone; and unfamiliarity with the situation. We can also be exposed to danger when dealing with strangers, such as a random stranger who approaches you suddenly; a stranger who approaches you quickly and tries to walk into your business; and a stranger who approaches you from behind. Even though a home can be left vulnerable in an instant just due to a single mistake. The reality is, we, our family and our assets are not safe until and unless we don’t put in the extra effort.

2) Why should we use a personal safety app?

It’s no secret that life is not purely safe, and most diligent people can get caught up in life’s twists and turns. Whether it is a perilous situation at home or outside the home the likelihood of getting ourselves into such situations is quite high. Nowadays there is a huge need for a personal safety app that can help us to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe, A personal security app can help us to contact our parents, friends, or relatives in any emergency situation that may arise. All we have to do is keep our mobile phones with us.

3) What are the advantages of having a personal security app, i.e., Novus Guard Solo?

A good personal safety app, i.e., Novus Guard Solo, is vital for our personal safety, our family members’ safety, and the safety of our assets. Novus Guard Solo apps and platforms use the latest AI-based technology it offers all the features we would always need to take care of ourselves and those we love in case of emergency. It is a unique personal safety application that is available for both Android and iOS. One of the best qualities of this app is, it even works without Wi-Fi. It has all the necessary features including automated SOS, manual SOS, emergency dialing, and much more. It also has an alarm button for the victim to inform their family about the emergency situation. Whether a fire, medical emergency, or any other life-threatening situation arises, Novus Guard Solo is all that we need.

4) What are the unique features of the Novus Guard Solo Personal/Individual Security App?

Users can utilize some of the features of the Novus Guard Solo App free of cost Basic Package. Novus Guard-Solo app has got some unique features such as
  • Create a Session
  • Welfare Check Calls
  • High-Risk Indicator
  • Duress Alarm, Duress PIN & Safe PIN
  • Peer to Peer
  • Post SOS on Twitter
  • Live Tracking
  • Home Intelligence/Home Automation
  • Reporting Session
  • High-Risk Indicator
  • Two-way Audio
  • Audio Listen in
  • Recipient Alert

5) What are the possible scenarios to use Novus Guard Solo as your personal security and Home Security system ?

a) When an individual is walking alone on a dark street and suddenly surrounded by a mugger’s gang

Imagine you have to go out to buy some grocery items at late night you are scared but you have to go, so no need to get worried about this situation all you have to do is to keep your mobile phone with the Novus guard app installed in it, using Novus Guard’s create session with a high-risk alert feature through these two features the control room can monitor your trip closely.

What if you are surrounded by a group of robbers? If they try to snatch your mobile phone, what will you do at this time you can use the Novus Guard Duress PIN feature can enter a Duress PIN which will raise the Duress Alarm through which your location and other details are shared with Control Room and your added recipients. This is how Novus Guard Solo will save you from running into a mugging situation.

b) When your Kids went out to play

When your kids went out to play and you’re worried because of the danger outside, so at this situation, all you have to do is to use peer to peer tracking feature of Novus Guard and be notified via a message or email if any harm is about to happen to your kids.

c) When your Home is locked with all your assets and you have to go on a vacation

When you’re spaced out over your home for a family vacation may be; and you’re worried that what will happen to your assets, which are locked at home but anyone can jump into your house and unlock the drawer and rob your property. In this case, you don’t need to get worried. All you have to do is to use Novus Guard IoT integration-based Smart home automation system. Any change in your home environment triggers an alert that is either sent directly to your phone or packed into a cloud system with other family members; if something outside the norm is detected, it will send an automated notification with customizable options for quick response. Single house or extended family can now keep track of their things as long as they have a smartphone and take care of their essential stuff anywhere around the globe. All you need is Novus Guards home automation system.

d) When robbers enter your Super Market or a shop

If there are any suspicious people around your shop or robbers enter your shop. Novus Guard’s smart devices integration can prevent any armed robbery, the system automatically sends an immediate notification to the Novus Guard’s Control Room. The team will then be mobilized within minutes to come and protect you and your shop.

e) When your old parents live alone

Your parents live alone at home; you can have a look at their activities and health by simply giving them a mobile phone with Novus Guard-Solo installed and wearable devices. If anything happens to them for example fluctuations in blood pressure or they fell, you and emergency services will be notified instantly. You would be able to closely monitor their health, whether you live with them or not

f) When your house is on fire

Through, Novus Guard’s IoT integration home automation service, you can be notified when there’s a fire/smoke alarm sounding or when someone has access to your home. Novus Smart devices integration home automation service allows our clients to monitor their homes 24/7

g) When you live alone

If, you’re alone all you have to do is to have a mobile phone with Novus Guard Solo app installed in it. It will help you take care of your health and your safety completely.