Novus Guard

Short description

Physical Safety (Lone IndividualProtection) App.

Full description

NovusGuard app ensures Physical Safety (Lone Individual Protection) along with Location Tracking.

1. Physical Safety (Lone IndividualProtection):

Ideal for lone individuals this feature allows you to be tracked during a session. Your physical safety is of utmost importance whether you have an active Internet or not. You can raise alarms (SOS) when you need help. Automated alarms (SOS) are raised when you miss an expected response – such as when you miss to book off at the end of a session.

Alarms (SOS) are processed by your alarm recipient(s) and/or Alarm Receiving Centers (ARCs) and help is dispatched as needed.

When app has an active Internet connectivity, SOS emergency alerts are raised using the Internet.

2. Session Management:

You can create sessions by yourself OR execute sessions created by your alarm recipient(s)– whichever suits your case; Track your session hours.

3. Recipient(s) Management:

You can setup and manage one or more alarm recipient. You can add recipient(s) from your contact list; And enable/disable alarms to be sent to those recipient(s).