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Share Your Location Instantly - Introducing Novus Guard's Newly Integrated What3Words Feature

What3words and Novus Guard Integration

Introducing Novus Guard's Newly Integrated What3Words Feature

When it comes to emergencies, time is of the essence. Through Novus Guard’s What3Words feature, you can get help and ensure that critical location information is conveyed as quickly and accurately as possible. With just three coded words, you can help responders pinpoint your cellphone’s position within a 3×3 meter area. No more fumbling with confusing addresses or trying to communicate complex directions over the phone. This easy-to-use feature can help you and your team stay safe in any emergency situation.

What is What3Words Location-Sharing Feature in Novus Guard?

What3Words is a proprietary geocode system designed to identify any location on the surface of the earth with a resolution of about 3 meters. It is quick and easy to use.

This smart and easy location-sharing feature is perfect for platinum users of our system. This feature is integrated into our Control room web app, through this workforce managers can easily share the location of their officers with concerned authorities. It gives them greater control over their whereabouts and makes it easier for authorities to find them in an emergency. So, if you’re ever lost or in need of emergency assistance, be sure to use Novus Guard’s new What3Words feature!

Benefits of the What3Words Feature

If you’re a workforce manager, you’ll appreciate the new What3Words feature that we’ve integrated into our Novus Guard system. With this feature,  location can be shared just by a three-coded word address.

This is perfect for emergencies when proximity location information is critical. By simply giving authorities the three codes for your location, they’ll be able to pinpoint your spot and respond swiftly and effectively.

Plus, the new feature is an added bonus for our Platinum users! So if you’re looking for an easy and efficient way to share your location, make sure to upgrade to our Platinum plan today.

Comparing With Other Location-Sharing Solutions

Compared to other location-sharing solutions, the What3Words feature offers a truly unique and innovative approach to sharing proximity locations. Instead of using bulky GPS coordinates and cumbersome descriptions of street addresses, you can simply use a three-word address to quickly identify your location. It’s a really quick and simple way to find, share and save locations.

The system works by converting GPS coordinates into three-word addresses. This means that no matter where in the world you are, you can just say the three words—which are super easy to remember—and your location within a 3×3 meter square will be known by everyone who needs it. It’s perfect for emergencies when time is of the essence and accuracy is critical.

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